MARCH 2023

I know the trend at this time of year is to look back and share ‘highlights’, however for Petrus it has been such a dynamic year full of momentum that I am firmly looking forward, and want to share what’s coming with you. Our fantastic network is behind the success of our projects and 2023 is packed with opportunities to get involved, from learning & sharing on embedding sustainability in the classroom, to new sustainability micro-credentials and a host of experiential online programmes for your students. With that in mind, please stay in touch.

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MAY 2023
Welcome to our May news. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore these valuable opportunities to learn, connect and share on engineering, sustainability, and skills for the future.

Siemens Skills for Sustainability Network Supports the Development of New Sustainability Toolkit

The first Siemens Skills for Sustainability Network global online gathering took place on Wednesday 7th June 2023. We were excited to welcome as guest speaker, Sarah Jayne Hitt, Ph.D. SFHEA and Project Manager for the Engineering Professors Council (EPC) Sustainability Toolkit.

The EPC is embarking on a collaborative project with Siemens, RAEng and a structure of academic and industry experts and key stakeholders. The aim is to develop an open-source toolkit for engineering educators to ensure that all new graduate engineers are equipped to tackle the serious sustainability challenges facing the environment and society. By curating a toolkit of resources that help academics explicitly embed sustainability in their day-to-day practice of engineering teaching, we can all help make sustainability integral rather than tangential to engineering learning.

Introducing Our Campus Relations Communications Service

I am excited to share news about our new Campus Relations communications service. This highly tailored service is designed to enable companies to connect quickly with the relevant faculty, careers experts and administrators at universities worldwide to share news, opportunities, collaboration requests and more.

For years we have enabled our clients to find the right universities for the talent, skills and innovations they need worldwide. Now each of our partners also benefits from a dedicated email address in the form of [company_name] This ensures opportunities are shared with the right people, while fully respecting personal data protection regulations. The Petrus team manage communication campaigns, ensuring that just the relevant university staff receive the right information and opportunities quickly.

So add us to your address book and look out for opportunities for your students, graduates, and faculty from us – and our partners.
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Join us in Cape Town, South Africa for the 2022 GEDC Industry Forum Dean & Industry Design Workshop.

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