MARCH 2023

I know the trend at this time of year is to look back and share ‘highlights’, however for Petrus it has been such a dynamic year full of momentum that I am firmly looking forward, and want to share what’s coming with you. Our fantastic network is behind the success of our projects and 2023 is packed with opportunities to get involved, from learning & sharing on embedding sustainability in the classroom, to new sustainability micro-credentials and a host of experiential online programmes for your students. With that in mind, please stay in touch.

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Airbus Digital Challenge

Together with Airbus we have just launched an online Digital Challenge which will take place from the 3-5 April 2024 for final year students and recent graduates. Up to 100 selected participants from across Europe will have the opportunity to work in international, interdisciplinary teams to tackle real-world digital challenges and develop relevant skills, as well as discover digital career pathways, and build their professional network.

Find out more about the challenge. Applications are open until 11 March 2024

If you work with student and graduates within Europe and would like to share this opportunity, please contact to request promotional materials to use and share further.

2024 Industry Forum, Shenzhen, China

The 2024 GEDC Industry Forum took place at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen this January. Gathering over 100 industry and university representatives from 16 countries, the event focussed on developing socially conscious engineering innovators, experts and leaders and explored 4 key themes: Skills & Talent, Educational Transformation, Discover & Innovation and Societal Impact. It was preceded by an interactive sustainability & innovation student challenge and Asian Deans workshop where AI was a key focus. We are extremely grateful to the companies and organisations whose generous support enabled the 2024 event to take place.

Find out more about each of our partners and we strongly encourage you to connect and explore opportunities with them.

Shokz Global Engineer Talent Research and Innovation Summer School

This 6-week program organised by Southern University of Science and Technology recruits students from universities worldwide with the objective of forming student teams to collaborate on open-ended projects proposed by high tech firms.

Find out more about the program and how students can apply to get involved.
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Join us in Cape Town, South Africa for the 2022 GEDC Industry Forum Dean & Industry Design Workshop.

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