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Our understanding of graduate recruitment across a diverse range of markets allows us to help you adapt your communication, without compromising on the quality, message or results.

Why choose Petrus?

Education in Europe is moving fast, and the communication tools used by students and their network are in a constant state of change.

Education in Europe is changing rapidly, as are the communication tools used by students and those who advise and teach them. We don't just look at the students themselves, but the broader issues affecting their decisions. The practical aspects of reaching students - how, when and where you get your message across - are very important to us.

Whether you are looking to recruit in one country or many, to recruit for an MBA or Masters, graduate positions or internships, we can develop a project to suit your timescale and budget.

Pan-European Campus Marketing

Support Regional Marketing Adviser to implement recruitment marketing across 16 countries, for a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies.

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New Campaign for Analysts in Portugal

To generate enough candidates with the right profile to be recruited as analysts in Portugal, for a global consulting firm focused on human capital and financial management.

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German IT specialists with French

Market Unilog Opportunities in France to German IT 'high potentials' with excellent French.

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IT Interns for Investment Banking

Support back-office recruitment in identifying appropriate countries and institutions to launch pan-European campaign for the first time, for a global investment banking and securities firm

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Campus Brand Manager Programme

To raise awareness of Shell as a recruiter of talented technical and commercial students. To improve performance from candidates in new markets during the recruitment process.

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