IT Interns for Investment Banking

IT Interns for Investment Banking


A full-service global investment banking and securities firm

The brief

Support back-office recruitment in identifying appropriate countries and institutions to launch pan-European campaign for the first time.

Our approach

  1. Gain detailed understanding of the profile and skills required.
  2. Develop brief for client on IT recruitment in Europe, with profiles of 8 countries which are good talent sources along with detail such as timing, qualifications and recruitment culture, to allow client to choose markets to pilot.
  3. Compile database of information on target institutions in each country.
  4. Advise on best channels both to raise profile and generate candidates.

Our results so far

  • Research presented to business leaders internally.
  • Campaign launched in 4 countries.
  • 11 internship offers made in less than two months from delivering report.

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