Petrus: A finger on the pulse of international education

Our understanding of graduate recruitment across a diverse range of markets allows us to help you adapt your communication, without compromising on the quality, message or results.

Why choose Petrus?

Education in Europe is moving fast, and the communication tools used by students and their network are in a constant state of change.

What we do

For corporate clients

To prepare, plan, execute and review your recruitment needs for interns, graduates and early career professionals, we provide the following support, world-wide:

  • Market intelligence: understanding a new recruitment market, developing target university information, providing cultural insights and profiling target candidates.
  • Event planning and implementation: we organise more than 200 campus events each year, from Cairo to Copenhagen and Paris to Saint Petersburg.
  • On-campus communications: positioning our clients in the most appropriate media, closest to the target audience, from online newsletters and Careers Service websites, to web2 and social networking applications.
  • Media planning: often working hand-in-hand with the client's appointed creative agency to identify the cost effective publications and websites which work.
  • Market research: devising and implementing a range of innovative research solutions, including recruiting & moderating focus groups, online and face-to-face surveys, testing advertising material.
  • Tailored campus marketing: university lecture programmes, student organisation partnerships, campus brand managers... the opportunities for innovative international campus marketing campaigns are endless.

For Universities

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Careers Service development and employability skills training
  • Alumni engagement and development programmes
  • International marketing and recruitment

For an informal discussion about how we can help you, contact

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